Reporting Verbs Art Gallery

This a low-prep activity suggested to me by a friend and colleague called Robert. I think he got it from a book called 700 Ideas for the Classroom by Macmillan Publishers.

Distribute a post-it note to each student with a reporting verb on it. Tell your students to keep this a secret.

Students have to draw a picture to illustrate their secret reporting verb. On the back of their picture students need to write a sentence using the reporting verb.

You can do the next part of the activity in a variety of ways:

1.) Get students to stick their pictures round the room. They should write their name or number on their illustration. Students can then walk round the ‘gallery’ and try to guess the reporting verb and write it in a grammatically correct sentence.

2.) Students can swap their illustrations with a partner and do the same as above.

3.) I have used the collections of pictures previously created by a group of students in a private one-to-one setting. We worked through the pictures by examining the message of the picture and trying to guess the reporting verb and how it was used in the secret sentence. The student I did this with enjoyed the funny illustrations and it took no prep at all, only recycling!


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